how many watts and hp can?

The power transmitted through a chain drive is equal to the tension in the chain multiplied by the speed at which it is moving. In SI units this is force in newtons (N), multiplied by speed in meters per second (m/s), to get power in watts (W). Also note that the speed at which your chain is moving is the speed at which the outer edges of your sprockets are moving, and the formula for that is v=ω*r, where  ωis angular speed in radians per second, and r is the radius of the sprocket in meters.

There is a specification for the maximum working tension for #25 roller chain.  According to the Wiki article on roller chain, this max working tension is 140 pounds, or about 620 newtons.

Multiply that number by the speed at which your chain is moving in meters per second, and that's your answer for the maximum power you can transmit.
tazerl494 (author) 6 years ago
opps I ment how many watts and hp can #25 chain take?
So hit the EDIT button and fix it. Otherwise the answers are all going to be along the lines of "as many as a woodchuck can chuck."
How many watts and hp would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck watts and hp??