how many weeks,days or months does it take for your hair to grow?

How many weeks ,days or months does it take for your hair to be long and smooth and long?

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 No wonder people are unjustly jailed.

       Hair and nails appear to grow because the skin shrinks and the hair falls out.
my dad actually knows a guy wrongly imprisoned for years (under no fault of his)
When someone says "no offense", what follows is almost always offensive and insulting, and saying "no offense" is a poor attempt at masking it.  It's the equivalent of saying, "I'm not a racist but..." because what follows is almost always horribly racist.

You could have just said, "I would not have thought you were 50," or you could have just said nothing at all because it just wasn't relevant, polite, or necessary.
i suppose ur right
seandogue7 years ago
nanoseconds. it grows from the time you're born til the time you die.

However...the rate at which it grows depends on the person, and I *think, your age.

For instance, my hair has grown nine inches over the last 1-1/2 years, so about 6 inches per year.  But I'm 50 years old. When I was younger, although I could be mistaken, I think it grew faster.
Yup.  Genetics, health, diet, sex, age, hormones, etc. all affect how quickly hair grows.

I grew my hair out to my waist from when it was REALLY short, and it took about 3 years.  Chopped it off, have it in an envelope, might make something disturbing out of it.
All humor aside (can't seem to pull any out of my hat right now), with that long a piece, have you considered donating it to one of those cancer survivor's programs?

(you could alwayss make hair jewelry for your loved ones for wouldn't that be ghastly in the modern age...?)
I have enough dry humor for the both of us.

Honestly, I just don't trust Locks of Love anymore.  I've thought about selling it since it's a rare hair color (strawberry blond), but meh...  that would require work.  So instead I'm going to do something horrible with it or make a wig out of it for when my hair turns white and starts falling out.
Wel, I'm glad you have me covered on that count. Phew..I was worried for a minute there. ;-)

As for Lock of love, what's the issue? I was actually considering it for when I finally get into a chopshop to sheer the sheep, so the speak. (assault-->back injury --> not grooming properly --> hair --> more hair --> repeat and rinse)
Read the Criticisms and Accountability Standards on the Wikipedia entry.  It explains it.  I don't know how true it all is anymore, but I just don't think I could trust them anymore.  You can also run a google search on it being a "scam", and you can also run a news search on the organization.  Again, I have no idea what's true and what isn't and can't verify one way or another.  You should also check the FAQ section on the Locks of Love website.
ok, nuff said. I figured that might be your opposition. I have my own about quite a few charities. (My first taste was watching the Lotto get installed here in Ohio several years back. We had a business office nearby, and I immediately noticed that in contrary to the main voting push about schools getting increased funding, their parking lot was always filled up to the brim with upper end cars less than two years old...Since then I've been a bit more skeptical about who gets my cash.


Even though I've been erm..."tight" for the last two years, I still find myself trying to drop something in the bucket almost every time I walk by a Salvation Army station during Christmas time, even if it's just a few dimes or a dollar or  two. I refuse to believe the hype on them no matter what I hear or read..I just have to hold out some hope in good works. lol, theyprolly get me for a hundred bucks even's right outside the grocery store door.

I may still do it in the hope that they can justify the extra loot, but idk. There are others aren't there? (rhetorical..I'll look around)
I was a case manager working with evacuees from natural disasters for a short period of time, and the Salvation Army did a lot to help as did Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, Child Inc (local nonprofit), Any Baby Can (local nonprofit), individual churches, private donors, Red Cross, and many many others that aren't leaping to mind right now.  A lot of nonprofits offer the option of donations going to a particular program that they offer, so if you disagree with what a nonprofit does in one program but still like other programs they offer, you can usually donate to the program(s) that you do like.  I can't think of a non-profit that isn't suffering during this financial crunch.  I personally might not like everything that a particular nonprofit does, but it would be a bit foolish to ignore the good stuff that they do even Locks of Love because they aren't all bad.  Nonprofits have expenses just like any business, and they have to make ends meet.  Wigs made of real human hair are very, very expensive, so selling them at a reduced cost is still something.
True that.
seandogue7 years ago
Why's that?
well ur just general commenting,username,avatar,etc
Oh. I see. yes, I suppose the avatar might confuse some people.  It's what I've always called "having fun" I'm not about to post a picture that reveals my true identity, and I'm not going to post some pic of an over the hill hard rock band or a Dead Head symbol that doesn't fit with my culture...

On the others, well, you ought to examine the name (hint: pronounce as a French name, but think in English) and the content of most of my posts a bit closer before you make the mistake of misjudging me on that account. In any case, it's none of my concern.

btw, just ftr, afaik, hair does not continue to grow after you die, your skin starts to decompose and dehydrate, exposing more of the follicular growth that occurred prior to death. That is a teenager's street myth. The lay answer is that the skin gets thinner o what's there shows up better..

Hope that clears it up for you.
my dad works at the national institute of justice he said one of his friends who does forensics and autapsies told him that (yep i am a bad speller)
and only for up to 2 weeks not often longer some people it doesnt keep growing after death,it would depend on age,gender,disease maybe ,various things
It's a myth.  It looks like it's continuing to grow because the skin and fat cells shrink exposing more of the hair and giving it the appearance of it growing, and if you learn how hair and fingernails grow, you'll know why it's impossible for either to grow after death.

People in forensics are known for pulling people's legs...  no pun intended.
and for the username thing i was assuming it was pronounced  shaun-dog or something like that possibly your nme being sean or something
sockless7 years ago
My hippy brother grew about 6 inches in a year. But that's for a guy.
 No it doesn't
Hair grows 1-2 cm per month, or about 0.5 to 1 inches per month (  Hair rate varies with all sorts of factors, including the season.  It grows more in winter and falls out more in summer (