how much money is instructables being paid by norton to ruin the hompage?

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Kiteman8 years ago
Enough to keep the site going that little bit longer without having to charge you for membership.
Woops! spoke too soon...
Untill now,Thats Pretty sick.
I would lol, but it is true...
Well said!
frollard8 years ago
They get more if you actually clicked the links (if you are genuinely interested in the product that is) Nobody viewing the ads for x reason - changing their links to their profile page, using adblockers, etc...only hurts this community, then they end up having to resort to much more...gross means of generating cash.
kelseymh8 years ago
None of your business, unless you are an investor in the company.
Ooo, frostay.
lemonie8 years ago
Post a comment on one of the recent Forum topics - there were 3 lat time I counted.

(What is going on here, Noooooooo, A little excessive)