how much power is generated in 1 square feet piezoelectric crystal?

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iceng6 years ago
Using tiny Plasma generated by piezo crystals to Punch tiny Holes
in a dark page of a magazine cover. 
Sorry about the jitter handling.
iceng6 years ago
First it can't produce more then the impact energy.
Next, I collected a signal from a paint-ball vest made of more then a square
foot of piezo material. No power to notice.
You can strain the material and generate a sizable voltage, without impacts though A.

Right you are, my device in use in a vid.
Here is a levered pair of ¾ inch long by ¼ inch diameter crystals
that can produce a 1½ inch spark under ideal conditions.
It was made by Clevite Corp. . . .  . .  A
iceng iceng6 years ago
This is the smallest bidirectional HV generator I know.
It is a good bit of fun putting micro-pin holes into business cards.
You can feel the hand pressure release as the spark jumps.
I heard some group was making a tubular auto car lift jack at on time.
Anyway it is a very good gaming and other noise immunity tester.
rickharris6 years ago
High volts low amps - therefore low power
lemonie6 years ago

What are you deforming it with?

orksecurity6 years ago
Depends on the crystal, depends on how much force you apply how often.

I suspect the answer, for whatever you're planning on doing, is "microwatts."