how much should i sell my squirrel pelts for?

Kiteman7 years ago
Try selling a couple on ebay, see what you get.

Karletto5557 years ago
yes, prices seem to be from 10USD to 30USD.
Red Canadian Pine Squirrel:#1 Grade US$20.00
Red Canadian Pine Squirrel:#2 Grade US$17.50
American Gray Squirrel US$25.00
Fox Squirrel US$25.00
Chinese Red Belly Squirrel US$9.00
Chinese Gray Squirrel US$9.00
Chinese Brown Squirrel US$9.00
Russian Gray Squirrel:#1 Grade US$25.00
Russian Gray Squirrel:#2 Grade US$20.00

Grathio7 years ago
When I'm trying to price something unusual I usually search eBay for the item.  It gives a good range for what people are likely to pay.

In this case the search seems to indicate between $10-30, depending on the type and quality.
Re-design7 years ago
However much your buyer will pay for them.  Do you have a buyer yet?  Are the pelts sellable?  What condition are they in?  What did you do to preserve them?