how simply/ easy can a cnc project be?

how i was wondering if I could make a cheap CNC (possibly combined 3d printer) without making it a "big" project.
if I buy stepper motors and driver, and dowlad some software, all i need is the mechanicle parts right? (like the frame and stuff, like a spindle/ melted-plastic-extruder)? please come with some inputs ;)

lordl9999 (author) 5 years ago
I have just made a quick skecth of the frame / body I was thinking about building, have a look :)
lordl9999 (author) 5 years ago
I can make the mechanicle parts myself :) but I dont need high precision, so I think I'll use some easy accessable diy-style parts insted :). BTW I'll mill in soft materials so the pressure/load on the mechanicle will be minimal.
have a look at
they have a kit, and cheap hardware to build a cnc mill
bwrussell5 years ago
Well extruders are several hundred dollers and they need their own controls. Honestly a CNC mill/router is simpler. There are several small cheap mills on the site. The problem is that the mechanical pieces aren't exactly cheap (slide rods, bushings, threaded rods, etc). If you're willing to lose some precision you can use cheaper materials and some o the guides here do that. Check the 'Related' bar to the right. ---->