how successful are "growboxes" ("earthboxes") as seen in Mother Earth news?

mcpguru8 years ago
My earthbox (real one) produced two tomato plants 5' tall that produced well in MA. The next year I had 2 cherry tomato plants (sweet 100s) that kept my kids in the back yard eating them like candy (couldn't measure -- lost too much to kids and birds). My home made one took 4 pole bean plants and I harvested enough last year (SF, CA area) to make 4 dinners, plus give 2 more away -- from 4 plants! And that box was sharing with chives, garlic and flowers.
iPodGuy8 years ago
I built three of these:
And let me tell you, they are awesome. For less than $10 in materials each, I grew basil and parsley all season last year. I also plan on building a few more.