how to be a k'nexer and be respected by the general community?

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mikeasaurus8 years ago
How to be respected in the community:

Like everything, it's moderation. I know there's been people on here complaining "not another k'nex gun" and there's been some very defensive k'nexer's who will proclaim that "this is the best gun ever!, really the problem is the amount of instructables that aren't really any more than just showcasing slight modifications on an already bloated library of guns that are only appealing to a select market.

This is no different than if you were to replace the word 'k'nex' with 'LED throwies', which was another fad that caught loads of attention and had many variations, however I was sick of seeing it everywhere. Was it a good idea? Yes. Was it overkill? Yes.

To be respected as part of this community you need to look at the broader audience. If you think you can make a modification to an existing k'nex gun, great! But maybe realize that this site has plenty of minor modification already and writing up another instructable isn't something that will be well received, especially if the site gets flooded by 10 other people with the same idea. Instead the place for it might be on the comment section of the gun which you modified.

Another idea I read here is that you should make everyday objects out of k'nex instead of guns. I agree, but only partially. Making a refigerator out of k'nex isn't hard or exciting. Again think about what you are doing, really go beyond the norm and push the envelope, you will be respected for trying to create something that no one has thought of. Right now guns, ammo belts, and crazy elastic band contraptions are a dime a dozen. Just exploring the instructables I can see over 1500 instructables on k'nex. With that much already there, what more can you do to add to the already exhaustive body of knowledge? Why not try something different?

While we're talking about numbers, something else to realize is that by having such a large sub-culture in any place makes you a target. Just think of any large corporation in the world, they're all targets because they are the largest players in teh game. It doesn't make it right, it's just mob mentality.

At the end of the day, there's nothing wrong with K'nex. In fact there's still room for more (yes, more) instructables on the topic, but make sure you understand what you are building, the bar has been set, people come to this site to be amazed at what people can create, the many different things they can create. So if you're one of these guys who has 5 instructables of only k'nex, maybe it's time to put down the coloured connectors and try your hand at something else.
killer carz8 years ago
build beyond the norm and go with deatils im fourteen and im repected because i build detailed models and use thsese in a way to explore my career i some day hope to get :)
Another reason why you are respected is because you make knex cars, while others only make guns.
TigerNod8 years ago
Either post:

1 Something very big and impressing, that uses so many pieces that noone wants to build it, but everyone wants to rate it for the hard work you put into it (for example project xxxxx from trainman 2000)

2 A knex gun that is just better then other onesin everything (for example: iamcanedians cannon)

3 A huge ball machine (for example project xxxxx from trainman 2000)

4 A fully auto mech that actually works (there are no true fully autos that work well)

5 Something else new that noone has seen before

And a general tip: never make it look like it's easy to build. So do not post something that works awesome, but looks so simple that others may think "Well that is just too easy. I bet could do that too if I only was a little faster with posting." This gives bad ratings.
I posted a fully auto rbg mech and i still have a meh rep.
With fully auto, I mean something like Bakenbitz made. I looked at your Ibles, they are pretty good, so there must be something else then just your skills. Mikeasaurus stated that if there is too many stuff of the same kind, people will dislike it. Right now, we have a ton of full auto's with rb's, but not a lot of good full auto's that fire rods (full auto is not a multi barreled knex gun) . Maybe that would be a good idea for you to build. Or, maybe something that was never tried before could help a lot. PS: If you should go for the second option, I think I have a great idea. Just post a reply.
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Der Bradly8 years ago
1. Be Nice 2. Use good Grammer 3. Post Awesome knex projects
Corrected: 1. You should be kind to others. 2. Use proper grammar and spelling. 3. Post any k'nex gun that may be of interest to the community.
Corrected mark 2: 1. Always be nice to Everyone 2. Use proper grammer and spelling 3. PPost any knex Guns/Items That might be of interest to the community
4. Have fully detailed instructions on how to build the knex item, not just pictures of various parts of the item.
We have a winner! ...Oh
I took mine apart, but I didn't zoom out enough to show I did!
You dont really need good grammer or spelling, they will still respect u without it. The other 3 rules though definatly are needed.
Corrected Mark 3: 1. Always be kind to the community. 2. Use proper grammar and spelling whenever possible. 3. Post any desirable k'nex item. Follow these three simple steps and you will succeed!
knexdude1528 years ago
i think you should make everyday objects out of knex
Yeah, people are getting bored of weapons, weapons, and a lot more weapons.
correction: some people
yeah but i just like models and run around the house like a monkey
DrWeird1178 years ago
Don't post a block trigger.
Use good grammar. Be nice.. Dont just make guns.