how to becomes a boxer?

i want to know how to hit and be prepare went someone hit me......

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For boxing, your best bet is to look into the local gyms. More importantly, you need to find one you feel fits you. Consider checking out a handful. Most gyms will let you hang out and watch the classes or trainers, some will even let you participate in a few sessions to let you feel out the group. In my opinion, look for a smaller non-franchised school/group with people ranked in and/or competing at the Golden Gloves level. Smaller groups and one-on-one training will pay huge dividends for profression. Many of the well known boxers came out of Golden Gloves amateur boxing (i.e. George Foreman, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Robinson, etc.) If what you want to know is how to hit, defend, and deliver hits, there's a lot more to consider than boxing. If you're a girl, I would also consider kickboxing and muay thai schools, which also becoming quite popular these days. With kickboxing and/or muay thai, you will learn all of the basics of boxing in addition to how to hit, defend, and deliver hits with your legs and shins. For a woman, this is an added advantage, as males in general are larger than women and because your legs are your strongest muscles. Thus your legs will allow you deliver harder hits to areas like the ribs and lower extremities. Your best bet in a confrontation is to run. If you can deliver powerful legs kicks, you can disarm a potential assailant by taking out their ability to stand. Thus, buying an opportunity to escape faster and with more confidence. If you're interested in more, feel free to drop me a message. I've been studying martial arts & combat systems for 18+ years including Kajukenbo (1st degree black), MMA, and Krav Maga. I'd be glad to suggest other arts tuned to your interests, body type, and/or personality.
I meant progression, not profession in the statement.
Smaller groups and one-on-one training will pay huge dividends for profression
Re-design8 years ago
THe easy way is to join a gym that teaches boxing. Pick one that will put you with a teacher and sparing partners at similar weight, age experience levels. The hard way is just go out and pick fights.
orksecurity8 years ago
Find someone to teach you. Some gymnasiums offer classes. Personally I would suggest that instead you consider one of the martial arts which emphasizes avoiding getting hit. Less painful.
...Less painful.

And they cause less brain-damage as well.