how to break Windows 7 password.?

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EmilyChang4 years ago
Forgot password on Windows 7 laptop? You can reset the password from safe mode command prompt

1. Press F8 to enter Advanced Boot Options just before the Windows loading screen appears.
2. Choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt.
3. Log in with an administrator account when you can see the log on screen.
4. Type net user in the command prompt and then hit Enter. All the Windows account user names will be listed for you. 5. Type net user Helen 123 and hit Enter.
‘Helen’ is your locked Windows account user name. And ‘123’ is the new password you want to reset for the account.
Hey, I got locked out of my computer several days ago. I tried several free software. It took me two days and got quite messy. Unfortunately none of them work for me. Finally I made it work with Password Recovery Bundle. The good news is that it works. The bad news is it is not free.
I have forgot windows 7 password few days ago.

And I had no idea to do, my friend David recommended me use a tool called Windows Password Reset, just need a few minutes, I reset my windows password easily!

Everyone who lost winodws password can have a try.
Xiaoxiaoert5 years ago

I have used ,Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0 and removed my Windows 7 password forgotten.

1. Start Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0, select Reset local account password for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000, and then click Next.

2. Insert the CD/DVD or USB flash drive into the computer. Select CD/DVD or USB, click on Burn to start burning a password reset disk.

3. The password reset disk will be successfully burned automatically then. Then click Quit when finishing burning. Then you can use the password reset disk to rest Windows 7 password. It worked great for me. Hope it works for you as well.

bangle5 years ago
If you have a bootable CD/USB drive,some password tools can be burn to it and you can boot your computer from USB to run the software,so that you can recover/remove Windows 7 password from USB. Such as Daos Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool,here I just list the simple steps:
Step 1: Download Daos Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool/Windows Password Rescuer
Step 2: Run it to burn to bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive
Step 3: BIOS setting of your locked computer to boot form CD or USB
Step 4: Reset Windows 7 password on a friendly window after "Daos Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool" starts.
You also can use Daos Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool to add a new user with administrator privilege to your Windows. With this New user account you can logon your locked computer directly.
depends what your trying to do. assuming your doing this on your own computer to access files (for some reason or another) booting from a recovery disk will work fine. I personally have backtrack5 on a disk for that specific reason. simply press (usually f2 or f12) on startup to access your BIOS settings and change the boot order to boot from the cd/dvd drive before the hard drive. your computer should then boot in backtrack5, login using the combo username: root password: toor and from there you can access the hard drive to recover your files. please note this is for educational purposes only, and if you are trying to "hack" an administrator account on a school or home computer this wont get you very far.
lemonie5 years ago

thegeeke6 years ago
Why do you want to crack the password? If it's a good reason, I can tell you how, but if it's for nefarious reasons, I don't think anyone here will help you. The best answer you will get for that is what Vyger said, and even that is very generous.
Vyger6 years ago
You format the drive and do a fresh install.
FoolishSage6 years ago
I seriously doubt anybody on this site is going to help you break any kind of password without a very good reason..
+1 breaking password is definitely frowned upon here.