how to build a G- Force measurer?

I recently seen on Tv where you built one of these and measured G-force on a rollercoaster the end of it and don't what it was called. on diract Tv sat the 28th march 2009.

lond8 years ago
The sensor in a wii-mote can only measure +/-2g in all directions. If you are going to measure rollercoasters you need a sensor that can measure at least +/-6g in all directions with a resolution of at least 10bits. I have made this contraption for measure rollercoasters:
frollard8 years ago
Theres plenty of instructions on the net for using a wii-mote (fitted with basic piezo accelerometers) over bluetooth to get useful real-world data. It's a ready-built solution and not too expensive, requiring no modification to the controller so you can go back to gaming afterward.
NachoMahma8 years ago
lemonie8 years ago
Do you want to build one or know how they are built? (it makes the difference)