how to build a solar powered recording studio?


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JoeW1391 year ago

Hi Guys I build last year a solar powered mobile recording studio. See the pics below to get the idea.


4x 220Ah Solar Batteries (2x 24V / 440Ah)
5x 150Wp /24V Solar Panels
1x Victron Multiplus 70/3000
1x Solar Charger

Energy-Consumption of my mobile Studio is about 150Watt.

Even on days with a mix of clouds and sun, we get about 200Watt from the sun.
Without any sunshine, the 4 batteries last about 5 days (8h a day working time) for recording/producing music off grid.

nfarrow8 years ago
Tree Power Solar Trailer - 780 Watts of Solar PV and 300 watts of Wind Turbine with an Outback 3500 watt pure sign wave inverter.
Tree Power Bio-Diesel Generator - 6000 watt
Tree Power Solar Mobile Power Pod - 520 watt solar PV with a 1500 watt pure sign wave inverter.
    Tree Sound Equipment

System A      
Main Speakers
    Two, Meyer Sound UPA-1P Powered Mains
Two, Meyer Sound UPQ-1P Powered Mains
      Two, Meyer Sound USW-1P Powered Subs
    Two, Meyer Sound UM-1P Powered Monitors
      Two, Meyer Sound UM-100P Powered Monitors
Front of House
    Midas Venice 320 32 Channel/ 6 Aux/ 4 Bus Console
    32x8 150' Whirlwind Snake w/ MASS Connectors
    dbx DriveRack PX Powered Speaker Processor
      Klark Teknik DN370 EQ for Mains
    Two, dbx 2231 EQ w/ NR for 4 Monitor Mixes
    TC Electronic M-One XL Reverb / Multi-Effects
    TC Electronic D-Two Multi-Tap Delay
      Six, dbx 160A Comp/ Limiters
      Two, dbx 1066 Dual Comp/ Limiter/ Gate
      Drawmer MX-50 De-esser
      Denon DN-C640 CD Player w/ MP3 playback
Microphones     Six Shure SM58's
      Six Shure SM57's
      One Audix DP-5A Drum Mic Kit

Two AKG C1000 Sm Diaphragm Condensers
      Two Shure SM27 Lg Diaphragm Condensers
      One AKG D112
      Six Radial ProDI Passive DI's
....and $60,000 in spare cash ? At least ? Interestingly no mention of battery banks there. Once that little lot is running, the solar panels ain't going to scratch that load.
Big solar panels.
And storage batteries and a really high quality power inverter.
And some recording equipment.
And a smart meter to sell your surplus energy back to the grid when you're producing more than you need and the batteries are full.
....what a great ensemble answer
I agree.  Steve/Re/Raving/Jayfuu together for the win.

Did anybody mention anything about finding some one with a little talent to record?
Well... this is like that rule "Ask stupid questions, get stupid answers". Except in this case.... "Ask obtuse questions, get obtuse answers"