how to build bluetooth device?

I wanted to turn on/off the LED light from my bluetooth enabled cell phone and building cost can be around $10, not above $10 :) . Is it possible?

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Tyharr121 year ago

Hey, im trying to find out if you can make Bluetooth headphones, for cheap. have LOTS of pair of old earbuds that no longer work, plus a pair of Beats, and some old RC car stuff... i am tired of the cords, and i am a novice at this kind of stuff. im trying to make my Beats, or even one of my pair of earbuds Bluetooth. can anyone help?

frollard6 years ago

you need 2 things;

an app on the phone willing to open the bluetooth stack's serial port (if available on your model)

and a bluetooth enabled circuit that listens for that serial connection once paired to control the light.

Basically...not for anywhere near 10 dollars. Then there's the programming part - possible but takes some learnin'

Seems like you know what your talking about. Where would I look to find some one who can build me a device if I paid them. I have a great idea for a blue tooth product.

algaly3 years ago

Did you manage to create this device?

it might be possible you can get a BT rs232 transceiver for $7.20 at DX  that will make the connection with it it may be possible I have also seen this circuit on ebay for even cheeper