how to build your own chocolate fountain?

There was a liquid cheese fountain featured at one point, which should be fairly simple to adapt to run on chocolate. This is it.
frollard6 years ago
Chocolate fountains use an auger pump to take advantage of the viscosity of the chocolate while not introducing air. Build a screw and put it in a cylinder and you'll be able to pump chocolate. Someone recently made the 'turkey gravy' fountain by making their own peristaltic pump (rollers that squish a hose)...this would work great for chocolate too.

Then you need the base, a heated, temperature controlled vat to keep the chocolate from solidifying or burning.

then you need a way to seal the assembly so that the chocolate doesn't get into the motor -- same type of bearing/seal used on a blender--waterproof and stable.

Lastly, it needs tiers to have the chocolate fall off...

Based on the complexity of the project and the cost of parts/cost of a new chocolate fountain, in most of the first world its cheaper/easier to just buy one.