how to bypass K9 filter?

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Go to and set the translation to From finnish>English then type your url and click the translated version.
wow liquid lightning's technique really works
jchar778 years ago
I'm having similar problems. My father (computer genius) installed bloody k9 on my computer and now I can't go on youtube.
jchar77 jchar778 years ago
BTW you can see what is blocked by using firefox. Open up firefox and type in the address: and you should be redirected to k9 admin. Though you need a password to see the internet logs and setup thingy, you can see them. So to see the records, right click on the "view internet log" button and hit open in new tab. You'll still be asked for a password, but you can see what's on the page... hope that helps!
jchar, I just tried what you said and nothing is allowed to get through unless you know the password. I use firefox web browser and YOU SEE NOTHING UNLESS YOU HAVE ADMIN PASSWORD..
jchar, you cant view internet activity in K-9 unless you have the administrator password.
Wanted to say I have K-9 installed and you can't use to get inside K-9 filteringt if its password protected because I have tried... \ sorry but you are out of luck.