how to catch your boyfriend cheating?

i always catch my boyfriend telling me lies also i found out he always goes to the bar well i just want to no the signs of cheating thank you

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IsaacP1313 days ago

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rgoatley4 years ago
the best method i have found is setting him up. me and my best friend recently caught my man by having her flirt with him tell him she's "always kinda had a thing for him" and he was eating out of the palm of her hand. we waited till we all got back to our house from going out and i said i needed to go take a shower and when i walked back into the living room there he was sitting on my couch with her playing with her hair and telling her how beautiful she is. worked like a charm
The best way is always monitoring his computer or phone. They will always need a way to communicate with their lover when they are away. It 100% full proof!
And why are you claiming to place trust in (i.e. calling 'boyfriend') someone who tells you lies? It sounds as though you already know the signs of cheating and have already caught him in enough.

To be fair, though, you owe it to him to write a letter (on paper!) explaining your suspicions. Politely, but bluntly. (Don't think that just dropping hints will cut it. You know the average guy is not so sharp with picking up hints.) There might be a small chance that the problem is a misunderstanding or a third party toying with your feelings.
I'm a guy and I'm good at picking up hints. I just ignore them because hinting annoys me. Most guys I talk to are like this. Just thought you might want to know.

Anyway I'd reccomend http://www.chinavasion.com/ for surveillance.

Just don't put the cameras anywhere illegal.
tell him you saw him with another girl and if he dosent know what ur talking about he isnt cheating
fidgety27 years ago
here is what you do go out and buy a couple hidden camera kits (yes you can buy them) then place them in his car ect. then gather the evidence for a few weeks (maybe less) and when he is watching TV pop that tape (or dvd) in and let him have it P.S. please post results on youtube