how to change windows 7 starter wallpaper?

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google "windows starter personalization panel" download the download link then open the program and choose the picture you want to change it too from your pictures folder. please choose as best answer
rickharris7 years ago
You can but it's not that easy - google there is an answer out there.

Why it's only there for a brief time - If you need to change the desk top then right click and personalise.

frollard7 years ago
In the spirit of what M$ wants, you cant. It is fixed to the basic windows logo.

there are 2 known workarounds: The image used by windows is a file stored in the system directory. You can't change what windows will use as the file, but you CAN edit that file and replace it with one of the exact same dimensions and windows will automatically use that.
The other option is a program to automatically do this for you.

Really, searching for 'windows 7 wallpaper' didn't do it for you?
> Really, searching for 'windows 7 wallpaper' didn't do it for you?
.  Works very well for me. "windows 7 starter wallpaper" (exactly as in the OP's title) works even better. And "change windows 7 starter wallpaper" (once again, verbatim from the title) works best of all.
.  I can't figure out why it was easier for the OP to type that here than at Google/Bing/&c.
Do you have an asus laptop? If so reply and I'll be able to help.