how to circulate water for a car generator ?

Since I do have a small greenhouse, I would like to generate some electricity for a electric car
I am thinking along the lines of a water wheel.
Any idea how to circulate the water back and forth (up or down).
Your input would be appreciated.

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aelias366 years ago
Wait, I'm sorry, but I am a bit confused. What does a greenhouse have to do with this?
My house is green too.
As is mine, come to think of it. But it isn't highly "green" yet, though I'm still working on that.
orksecurity6 years ago
That's probably the best answer. The only extra energy you've got in the greenhouse -- unless you add solar cells -- is heat, and there's not a lot of it.

A stirling engine, operating on the heat differential between inside and outside, probably is your best bet for converting that heat to mechanical energy. If you want to run a pump for a decorative water wheel, you could do that. If you want to generate energy, it'll be much more efficient if the stirling engine directly runs the generator.

I'll be shocked if you can get enough energy out of this to significantly heat a car. You'll do better just parking the car in a sunny spot and letting it be its own "greenhouse". (Minivans are notoriously effective at this.)
rickharris6 years ago
stirling engine
Re-design6 years ago
Use a pump powered by the generator to refill the water barrel so that the generator has a continual supply of water to generate power to run the pump. Use the extra (waste) power generated to change batteries to run an electric car.

Wait! That won't work since it takes way more power to raise the water than it generates going down.

It would be perpetual motion and would break several laws of physics.