how to clean out your keyboard?

my keyboard is about 3 years old... it has tons of dust trapped between the keys and such, just wondering a easy way to get rid of the junk on it :D

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username2526 years ago
If you look around, many stores have this kind of spray cans filled with air. Meant for cleaning dust, the air can be sprayed into the spaces between the keys for quick cleaning.

I hope this helps! (and maybe a best answer if you want...)
Pateole4 years ago
Be Nice is a great policy! Thank you all for sharing your information. Hopefully my turn to share will come too.
thegeeke6 years ago
Canned air is usually the best way to go. When you clean your keyboard, also do the fans in your computer, and the vents. This will occasionally speed up your computer a little, since they like to breath. (Just like you do!!) :)
verence6 years ago
Try to pull of the keys*, put them in the dish washer (or even in the washing machine - use a fabric bag). Clean the board part with a vacuum cleaner and a slightly wet cloth, let all parts dry and reassemble.

*) Might not work with laptop keyboards as the thin keys sometimes are not separable from the board - or you might get them off but never on again.
I saw someone recommending dishwashing them recently.
seandogue6 years ago
When I need to really clean a keyboard (actually mine is overdue) I take it apart, vacuum out the dust/etc., wash the plastic bits in the kitchen sink, dry them very well, then re-assemble.

Take a quick photo or two of the layout if you are worried about putting the keys back into the right positions.
lemonie6 years ago

The keys will usually pull-off fairly easily and snap back in afterwards, vac-it.

Vyger6 years ago
When we cleaned up a bunch of keyboards for a fire restoration job we started with a shop vac to get the biggest stuff. Then took them outside and used a blower on them, (a leaf type blower). And finally we used a sponge with the edge cut down to a bevel and 409 cleaning solution. Dip the sponge in it and run it over the keys and lightly scrub, then rinse the sponge and do a couple of wipe downs to get the cleaner off.
Re-design6 years ago
Just buy an new one if it's that old and dirty. I've seen good one's on sale for $10 or less.
i just use duster (aka dust-off, canned air, etc..) if you want to go further there are ways of taking off the keys and really getting down in there. i think theres even an instructable in the "spring cleaning" contest that shows how to clean one in a dishwasher.
frollard6 years ago
Many keyboards its really easy to pop the keys out - just use a butter knife and pop them off gently. (Don't do this on low-profile laptop keys, they can break in my experience)

Caution: the spacebar, return key, shifts, and sometimes caps lock/backspace have wire parallel bars that must be disengaged without just ripping upwards, or they won't function properly in the future -- these bars make it so you can press either side of they key and have it go down level.

then its just a matter of brushing/vaccing it out - and maybe a detail with an alcohol soaked cotton swab. To reassemble, just pop the keys back on.