how to clear up foggy fish tank water using house remedys?

i have a 5 gallon tank and would like to clear it up any suggestions?

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PaulS3451 year ago

my tank isnt super foggy but just enough where u cant see the there a way to clear it up with out chemicals and spending lots of money..... u have a dule charcol filter in it but isnt really clearing it up...

frollard4 years ago
It's likely algae or fish waste byproducts.

You need a better filter. For such a small aquarium, they can be added to the bubbler for very inexpensive - a sponge with a tube going into it. The next level up would be a charcoal in sponge setup, still only a few dollars.

Mechanical filtering is good because it removes a lot of the junk, but there are invisible chemicals in the water that feed the algae and allow it to bloom. Having a healthy balance in the filter helps.

Change water frequently -- about half the tank once a week with properly dechlorinated water.

Get more plants (assuming the fish don't eat them)

Feed your fish less, you may be overfeeding them. Follow directions carefully.
pianolover10124353 (author)  frollard4 years ago
thanks but i have a pretty good filter,i barley have any algae...its a white hapenns after a water change witch i can understand but it stays for like two weeks.

hi okay normally I don't waste my time writing on these but I stumbled upon this and was AMAZED at the wrong things I am reading, first of all fish like plants it creates an Eco system secondly, your tank of getting white after water changes because your bio is spiking, taking all of the water out is the WORST thing you could do to the person who suggested this really has no place giving any advice, when water gets milky white it's a showing that your biological bacteria is unbalanced and is spawning to try and create a new balance you are either replacing yor water with chlorinated water when doing a water change or maybe your cleaning the front with windex but either way your killing the bio somehow the tank is trying to fix its self. When adding water after a small water change because too much is bad, be sure to de chlorinate BEFORE you put the water in not after. Many people buy the tap conditioner and don't realise if you add it to the water after you put it in the tank you just wasted your time and money. And also next time your water is white test your nitrites chances are after a minute or so you'll have a pretty purple color, you want light blue. Try leaving the tank alone when it gets milky white or add a product like prime. I have worked in aquarium care for over 6 years so I am not just talking from no real experience.

Corrine, would it be alright to ask you a few questions? I'm tired of my tank being a freaking crime scene.

Are you using any water additives?
taria4 years ago
tiny question, how many fish do you have in this 5 gal tank?
pianolover10124353 (author)  taria4 years ago
5 small fish
if they are at least an inch long or a bit longer it might be that you have to many for this tank. rule of thumb is for every inch of fish (not including the tail) you need a gallon of water. (koi are different) but to me it seems that if it's turning white it might have something to do with the filer it's self, either the filter is bad or the whole unit might need to be cleaned. if you have tried that, then there is a stuff called 'clear water' that you can get from wally world (Because it's cheaper) that you could add a drop to the water and see if it clears it up. My tank turned white as well, but I think that's when they are trying to spawn of something.

and sometimes you have to go the long way to cleaning this and trying to stop it would be to:

Do a full redo, meaning taking fish out, dumping water rinsing and cleaning the rocks in HOT water then rinse again in cold water. Clean all pipes and filers including plants if they are fake (But then again it could be those producing the white, I have no plants in my tank, fish don't like them anyway) then put everything back in (not fish) and see if the water is clear. After it has run for a good 24 hours, you can float the fish for 10 to 15 minutes and add them back in.

side note: what ever you're keep your fish in while cleaning also add the bubblier in so they have oxygen to their water and they will stay alive while you clean and wait the 24 hours before putting them back in.

another side note, if you're using tap water, and although in some places it's okay to use tap water, in others it isn't due to softeners and chlorine and all the all fun stuff they put into it. You can also use a water treatment called 'start right' you can also get this from wally world (cheaper) it tells you how many drops to put into the tank water to help with the fish. (I use it all the time since my hose for cleaning and filling gets attached to the sink faucet and I have hard water)

If it doesn't help, then you might need a new tank. I would suggest a ten gallon with a better filer and a longer bubblier. Unless you are limited to the space you have. if you lived closer to me (which I can only assume you don't) I would give you mine, I'm not using it anymore since my Koi have out grown it.

I know it's a lot of work, but it might help clear things up.

taria taria4 years ago
also, if you are choosing the full clean method, use the water from the tank to keep your fish in, that way they don't go into shock and die on you while you clean the tank. hopefully that make better sense. :)
blkhawk4 years ago
Get a catfish or any other "bottom feeder". They eat algae and all sorts of waste from other fish. They are very good at keeping aquariums clean.
pianolover10124353 (author)  blkhawk4 years ago
well i have a cori loach(cathish) and some ghost shrimp spacifically for the waste but it constantally just builds up a week after my water change and i never see either of them eat and of the fish waste
Any catfish (especially a pleco) in a 5g tank is a very bad idea. Most will outgrow the tank in no time. If you want a bottom feeder, I would go with a single corydoras catfish. They stay under 2".

Also, eating waste from other fish is a myth. They add to the bio load of the tank and actually make the tank dirtier.
They clean the glass, but make the water worse.