how to compress gas into a bottle or a tank?

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TravisB401 year ago

I suggest a LPG fork lift kit on a petrol tractor Engine with governor type control ,or even get a pto driven generator & run off tractor with LPG kit from fork lift . Use the tractor for other things as well,run on methane.

Other applications are wood gasifiers & they can be junctioned in to run engine in emergencies ,can use all sorts of fuel sources. dried pellets made from hay or manure or wood chip or lawn clippings, lantana, coal.

Can also get LPG kits for motor cycles to fit smaller stationary petrol generators.

Tommyccsc3 years ago

im new at this kind of stuff and I was wondering how to turn methane has into a liquid is there an easier way than getting dry ice to lquify the gas

I don't really know about gas compression but I do have another answer to alternative fuel in a farm situation and that is a biomass gassifier it is proven technology and can be created with very easily there are a lot of resources for this but by far the simplest and most complete is the FEMA manual here is a link or you could just search for FEMA wood gasifier don't be fooled by the name though it can be used with almost anything that can burn
srpolks7 years ago
If PKM or anyone is still interested I would like to know

what gas you want to compress -Methane
whether it is flammable -Yes flammable
how much you want to store
what pressure you need to store it as
what kind of tank or bottle and valve you have to store it with
what it will be used for -from 25-120psi in a large gas (LPG) tanks

I live in the Dominican Republic on a off the grid farm, my needs for low tec, cheap and ease of service is very high and important as I would like to show and share with others how to us methane as a fuel.
A manual way with man power would be good or low dc power.
We run a large battery bank charged with a diesel generator, the hope is to convert a generator to methane and lpg back up.
Look forward to any help or advice.
Thank you
kijac gang (author) 8 years ago
i want to compress hydrogen or methane. but it doesn't matter any more because i find out that its impossible to do it at home (at least for me).
 It's not impossible. I just thought up a way to compress the hydro-oxy gas mix I'm gonna get from my future electrolysis tank. Soda bottles can hold around 90PSI of pressure before exploding. I don't know if it's exactly 90PSI so I only go for around 40PSI max for me. Anyway, I plan to use soda bottles, flexible plastic tubing (thick), and PVC/ABS pipe. ABS is better in case of catastrophic failure. More on that in 12 hours.
Tin288 years ago
Go buy a compressor for Frigidaire or go get one free at the landfill and go buy some fitting and pipe and valve to connect to your tank... Never did that yet but i will this summer... Frigidaire compressor are made to compress gas ... So i will try with methane! Good luck ! Keep me posted if you do that !
kijac gang (author)  Tin288 years ago
i think that is not enough because i read somewhere that you must extremely cool down the methane gas and then you can pressurize it.
Well forget to tell you , i will use a coil going in insulate bucket and when that will be time to compress i will put some water mix with ice to do the process of cooling down ...Well i have all my plan to do my first prototype i will film everything and put on youtube later .... I order few conversion kit to run my lawnmower on lpg ... so this summer that will be my first experimentation .... I will keep posted on it...
kijac gang (author)  Tin288 years ago
ok, let me know when you do it
fozzy138 years ago
What I do is run my electrolosis cell for the hydrogen-oxygen gas, and store it in plastic bottles. I modified a $10 air compressor from radio shack in a similar way to drcrash did it here:

instead of using the hose fitting he used, you should use a small check valve you can find at any pet store in the aquarium section arranged so that you can blow air into the compression area, and not out. I ran a hose out of the check valve to hot-glued bottle cap where you attatch a plastic bottle of your gas. Turn on the compressor and the bottle will collapse, and your gas will come out of the bike pump hose end..
PKM8 years ago

Without more information the only answer you are likely to get it jtobako's below. If you gave more information, for instance
- what gas you want to compress
- whether it is flammable
- how much you want to store
- what pressure you need to store it as
- what kind of tank or bottle and valve you have to store it with
- what it will be used for

then you might get a more helpful answer.
jtobako8 years ago