how to connect 2 wire cpu fan with arduino relay?

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iceng1 year ago

Can you read circuit ?

AdityaA24 (author)  iceng1 year ago

Its totally going out of my head. M a computer science student and i dont have much idea abt circuit.

Click on the circuit picture to see it all !

There are TWO OPTIONS just for you..

Both options switch the Arduino low Vcc voltage to the 12v or 7v or whatever Fan voltage you want to run.

The top is the relay option

The bottom is a simple transistor option

The left is the arduino symbolically represented by brain neurons, and needs a +Vcc and a Ground to think => your program Mr Computer Science Student.. To raise and lower output lines to activate the relay or the transistor to start or stop your fan (represented by the black square with five 5 blades).

he should drive the relay with a transistor too

Right you are.

Here is the wiring which makes the simple transistor version even more desirable.

Again click the image to see it all.


Your question was answered in your previous question.