how to connect a 6 lead RGB LED to a basic stamp2, or an Arduino?

I recently sent out for some RGB LED'S and most had 4 leads. For some reason a six lead light was included, and I can't seem to find a data sheet on it, or anything on the parallax and Arduino forums. I'm just learning about Microcontrollers, I've purchased 6 different books with all kinds of projects in them, unfortunately none of them speak of a 6 lead led. I really appreciate and help you can give a 51 year old newbie.

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Have you got the current spec for the thing, or a link to the datasheet I can look at ? An Arduino is pretty underpowered as an LED driver, but it makes a fine controller. I can show you how to make it work, but I need to get a better idea of the LED.
danny59 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
Hello Steve, Here is the Link for the Lumex datasheet,
I just came from the site so I know the address is correct. I want to thank you again for your help.
Its nothing to big to drive. You use the PWM output of the arduino to drive it. You need a couple of resistors and a transistor for each channel of colour, or you can use a ULN 2803. The PWM outputs will give you brightness control of each colour, so you should be able to make colour at all.
danny59 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
Thanks Steve, You've helped me learn something new on my learning journey. once I get this to work, I'm going to try and use an 8x8 LED display. It came from Sparkfun, and has a six pin serial back pack attached . The book I purchased, 30 Arduino projects for the Evil Genius said to purchase a display , but they show hooking it up plugged into an over sized breadboard, using all the pins individually. Then Sparkfun's unit shows up with this nice six pin serial port instead of having to use the 24 individual pins. I'm think six will be much easier to use than 24, even though their instruction don't show how. That project will definitely come later when I'm a little more versed on this subject matter.
danny59 (author) 7 years ago

Hello, this is going to be the third time I’m typing a reply, hopefully the last. First of all, I did finally locate the datasheet after several hours of searching. The LED is made by Lumex, and it looks exactly like any other 5mm LED, except for the 6 leads. The sheet shows that the two middle leads are common cathode, then two are for blue, and one each for red and green. I tried uploading a picture, but the picture keeps showing up blank, but like I said it looks just like a regular LED, not a star shape like a Luxeon. I’m still not sure how I would make this bulb work with an Arduino, or Basic Stamp2. Is there a simple code I can use, or should I put this item away until I become more experienced in electronics. The $6.29 LED arrived here by accident, I wouldn’t order something I have no clue on how to use. All the parts I buy comes from the books I’m learning from because they teach you how to use them. I’ve only been doing this for nine months, but I am determined to learn this stuff. I could build a house, even plumb and wire it, but I’ve always shied away from electronics, not anymore, I figure you’re never too old to learn, not that 51 is old. Thanks again for your help.
How about including a little picture ? I wonder if its a StarLed ?