how to connect my laptop dell to the TV set?

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If HDMI is not an option then it must be VGA to VGA. in this case sound from your TV is enabled by running a 3.5mm head phone jack from the laptop to the headphone jack on the TV.As you didnt specify which laptop your using and the size of the TV screen you may find that your lappy doesnt have the GPU guts to write a moving image to screen larger than 32".

good luck

rickharris5 years ago
IF you tv had HDMI input and the Dell has HDMI output all you need is a lead as Iceeng says

IF not that then a 9 pin VGA socket is often on modern TVs this goes from the external monitor socket on the del.

If your TV hasn't either of these sockets then it is going to be a problem that isn't easily solved.
iceng5 years ago
You will need to find a common hor / ver resolution for your laptop and TV.

blkhawk5 years ago
You need a HDMI cable.
hdmi cable AVB91-2
Vyger5 years ago
TV out ---- Cable---- TV in
Re-design5 years ago
Which model dell to what model tv? There are a dozen possiblilities with them unknown.