how to control tv with ipod touch 2g??

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nicknack1718 years ago
i dont think the ipod touch has a IR sensor... the remote app works through the wifi
Check out this iphone IR device that lets you control all your IR remote controlled media devices. only $10! I got one and love it.
you can buy cases with the ir leds already built in.. it is actually possible as there are apps on the itunes store that support the case
00cho8 years ago
I found this via the App Store. Not cheap, but looks like it can be taught to control most anything.
Chicken22098 years ago
Have you seen this done before? like use it as a remote for a televison? i know the remote app works for itunes...
i read somethin like this a while ago, about a team that hooked up IR LEDs to the doc connector on a hacked ipod...or something to that effect to control stuff like a remote
zakool218 years ago
No such thing currently exists, but if someone was inventive enough to create a wifi device that acted like the iTunes software (in terms of programming behavior), one could convert signals into some sort of IR transmitter that would affix to the TV. Long shot, but it's a neat idea.
Izokay zakool218 years ago
The Remote app can control iTunes on your computer from your iPod and it can also work with Apple TV, a TV tuner made by Apple.