how to cook good cake?

hello all i need cook good cake have any idea?
i am boy

well my suggestion is to try any good, old recipe out
start nice and basic
it really does depend on what kind of cake you want
eg sponge, mud-cake, party cake etc

its sometimes just takes a little experimenting to find a good recipe
ask others who cook, especially those with experience
and trust me, old recipes are wonderful, simple and hard to mess up (with the exception of sponges etc)

good luck :)
rickharris5 years ago
1. Follow a recipe

2. Amounts are CRITICAL make sure you accurately weigh everything - be accurate.

3. Start with a simple sponge cake. get that right and then progress.

4. try to be light - Don't over work the mixture your supposed to add air into it not beat it all out.
PS your gender isn't important to the cake - even us boys make good cakes!
Buy a cake mix at the store and follow the directions on the box.