how to crash a computer

i have gone to notepad and typed the crash code but no results
 (start>all programs>accessories>notepad)

Re-design6 years ago
Write the author of the instructable that you took this from. He probably will never read the question here. Go to the instructable and post a comment there.
orksecurity6 years ago
Note that the owner of the computer is likely to hang you up by your gonads when (not if) they realize it was you who did this.
NatNoBrains6 years ago
What you gotta do is add wheels to the file, an accelerator, a steering wheel. Then just drive into a wall! Simples!
NachoMahma6 years ago
. You didn't give much info so this is just a wild guess: Change the filename extension to ".bat". Eg, if your file is named crash.txt, change it to crash.bat.