how to create a solar energy form the sun ?

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airsofter16 years ago
Go to one of the many solar instructables on this site.
lemonie6 years ago
What are you doing here?

(with the questions and weird-pictures)

Exactly what I was thinking! What's up with the weird questions lately?
What'd'ya mean lately? This forum is nothing but weird questions. That's why I keep coming back here:  for the weirdness. I especially like the cosmopolitan aspect of it.  I mean the fact that not everyone who asks questions here knows how to speak, I mean write, English, clearly.  If I remember correctly,  it was a certain Korben Dallas who uttered the words, "Hey lady, I only speak two languages!  English and Bad English."
Forum? I thought that this was Answers.
Well, right. It is Answers, which is like a forum, in that people talk(write) to each other here, about a "topic" selected by the person who starts the, um... topic,called a "question" here.  As you know  the Answers (not a forum) forum is grouped separately from the other forums, the ones found behind the big button that says "Forums" on it. 

Sometimes I call Answers a forum, because, as I pointed out, it is a lot like a forum.
frollard6 years ago
"how to create a solar energy form the sun ?"

Step one, get a sun.
Step two. task complete.

If you're indeed saying to create solar energy...

If you mean you want to harness the energy from the sun, you need to have something that captures the energy and converts it to something useful to you.

If you want light, cut a hole in your house - light!
If you want heat, expose something dark to the sun and capture the heat from that. Use mirrors to aim more light at the black thing and it will get hotter.
If you want electricity, put a PV panel in the sun, same as before, more light = more electricity.
76543216 years ago
I think you meant, how to harness solar energy from the sun. In that case, google works real good.
orksecurity6 years ago
Solar heat works for some things, photocells work for others. Websearching either of those will find entirely too much information, and there are Instructables on both topics, I believe.

What information are you looking for that those don't provide?
rickharris6 years ago
go to search and type solar heating.

Follow the instructable of your choice.