how to create gif images?

Without any tools how to create Gif images.

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Tater Zoid3 years ago

Here is my Instructable detailing how to create a GIF with your iPhone.

kelseymh8 years ago
No tools? You mean writing down the byte values one by one on a piece of paper? I'm not sure the result is going to be particularly useful. Also, the GIF algorithm is patented.
seandogue8 years ago
You can use a painting program to create a gif file from scratch (without a video or camera image)

One that I use if a free program called It is a very capable drawing and image editing package and as I said, it is 100% free. (not adware or shareware or a dowloadable demo)
Re-design8 years ago
What are you starting with? Do you already have a photo that you want to convert? Are you taking a photo with a digital camera. Are you scanning a photo? If you have a photo and if you have windows paint and can get the photo open in paint you can "save as" and click GIF. If you want to do an animated Gif then you'll have to do something else. Most cameras will convert in camera. As will most scanners.
n9t88 years ago
There are websites which provides the user to create animated images. I am explaining you about how to make animated pictures. Just log in to the site , upload your photo , in page you will see lot of options from there you can choose your choice of your own. IF your question is how to convert JPEG to gif format, its simple just open the image with mspaint and then save as .gif,
lemonie8 years ago
Without any tools. What do you mean?