how to do black oxide at home?

 I have some machined steel parts I would like to black oxide to prevent rust and to make look nice. I would like to know the chemicals involved to make the immersion bath for room temperature black oxide.

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Wisaam4 years ago
I wouldn't recommend using black oxide because I don't think it would help that much for a long time. Why don't you just paint it with black colour or use black water proof marker.
ewilhelm5 years ago
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Alcyon5 years ago
for they small parts use a black waterproof marker
Just remember black oxide will only prevent rust for a short while. If you want to keep your projects from permanetly rusting you need to paint or powder coat it.

black oxide turns to rust when exposed to water but it is very porous and adhesive... in history it was used to protect the steel along with oil
lemonie7 years ago
After reading that I think I'd just blue it like a gun barrel.
That was my first thought for an answer. But then I thought "maybe this / these is/are big, and gun-blue might be an expensive option, so I'll do a quick one (search) for the question they asked."

If you're in the UK, most engineer's merchants can supply KoldBlak, which is the proprietary process.

I really don't advise making your own.