how to download from any site like megavideo or any other site without paying anything .?

download means book download,movie download etc.fromsites like , magavideo .how to hack these sitesplease help? just help me solving this because i want some impotnant books to download. As i am student i can not give so much of money to these sites or buy books from Susanta

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wildman3658 years ago
Real player works Great!
smmiller5068 years ago
If it's on the web, it's not stealing. If it's published AND on the web, then maybe it is. Anyways, Mozilla Firefox with the DownloadHelper and DownThemAll add-ons.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago, 100% virus free, pretty fast donloads

get a program called uTorrent

get a program called peer guardian peer guardian keeps CIA away

download small file from demonoid, open with utorrent

IF using a torrent site, which will be the easyest way, I sugest using iehter or which are easy to use and for a torrent client you should get bittorrent 6.1.1 it works great as I have heard and I do not completely sugest stealing them which you will be doing if you download from one of these sites because it is illegal and you could get caught.=( Good luck
Joe Martin8 years ago
Books can be very expensive, I would try some torrent sites such as mininova, You will find movies there too. To download them use utorrent, very lightweight torrent client. Note: I don't endorse the use of any of these methods as you can guess they are illegal and will you have to except your own responsibility for how you use them.