how to find a break in an invisible dog fence?

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caarntedd3 years ago

Try the collar yourself. It's the simplest way, and it isn't as bad as everyone thinks. Get some daring friends around, have a few drinks, have turns testing the collar, and mark out the area. The person that finds the break wins. Their reward is not getting zapped.

You have an invisible dog ?

Hence the need for an invisible dog fence --

kjsrocks Vyger3 years ago


Vyger3 years ago

Get a signal generator like what is used for identifying network cables and get a probe and look for where the signal stops. Its not really expensive equipment but it is also not very powerful.

rickharris3 years ago

Follow the dog!

Kiteman3 years ago

Wear the collar yourself, then walk the line.

A break in the fence means it's not working at all. So you have to dig it up to find the problem.


That dispels any thoughts of the author getting a taste of what the dog experiences...

Wishful thinking!