how to fix a psp slim d-pad please help?

mine's when I turn on the psp everything load fine but the d-pad automaticlly move the psp to the right I have to hold left to scroll to the left. The down button work if I turn off the psp then turn it on holding down it scrolled down. I though it was a analog stick but it not I search the net but no answer I need help please.

frollard8 years ago
PSP's are NOT fun to take apart - lots of fragile ribbon connectors. There are quite a few guides for disassembling and reassembling them on youtube and instructables. The connectors inside may be dirty, or broken. Replacement parts can be ordered online or from ebay if you find something wrong. Generally if you clean the contacts with alcohol and there's still a problem, you need to replace the part.
All right I had the same problem but with joystick. It just starts scrolling automatically. Oreder a new dpad or joystick and replace it inside the psp. Take it apart and place it in. The connection of the dpad should be pretty straight forward.