how to fix a really bad sracth on a game?

i have a halo 2 disc and it has this really bad sratch that runs most of the way across the disc, and yes i know the game is a little old but respect the h2., the scratch is circled in yellow. if you know anyway to fix scratch plz tell me or if you think it is beyond repair.

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framistan6 years ago
Hold the disk up to a light. If you can see light shining through the LABEL SIDE, then the scratch is in the LABEL and that is beyond repair. Look closely at the label-side. Scratches there are much more severe and can ruin the disk.
Vyger6 years ago
I just got an add for this scratch repair stuff in my email. Even though its supposed to be for cars I wonder if it would work for CD's. Its chaep enough that you could try it. Who knows, maybe you can discover a new way to fix scratches.
lemonie6 years ago

Do you have (use of) a Dremel or similar?
(I've repaired disks with one before, 'cked-up ones too)

pbman123 (author)  lemonie6 years ago
i myself don't have a dremel but my grandpa does and im over at his house every week, im sure i could convince him to let me borrow it. now how exactly did you fix your discs with the dremel?

I found the buffing-bit a bit aggressive, if you can keep the speed down so that the plastic doesn't melt it will take out deep-scratches.
I cut up an old cotton-shirt and fashioned a polishing bit to smooth it off afterwards.
Brasso will do similar, but a polish is really needed.

Speedmite6 years ago
You can try to buff it out with a dremel or a microfiber cloth and a polishing agent, Id first just clean it as much as possible, see if that works, and if you cant get it out, at least halo 2 isnt 50 bucks. Good game. If you need to replace it, I would recommend amazon, it costs 20 bucks new, 5 used.

Ive also ssen videos on youtube where they buff it out with msg and water, never treid it, but Ive fixed my halo 3 with a microfiber cloth and some cleaning stuff, dont remember what it was.
Vyger6 years ago
The picture is bad but I don't know about the scratch. Usually if a scratch is on the underside its possibly salvageable. If its on the label side then its beyond repair.

There are kits available that allow you to buff out even big scratches. You might have to repeat it several times before you get it readable. But, every time you buff it you remove a little bit of the disk, so you will reach a point when there is not enough disk left to work with. Check at a Walmart or a Radio Shack or somewhere like that for a kit. They also make motorized repair kits so depending on what your budget is and how often you need to do this type of thing you might want to get one of the better ones.
pbman123 (author)  Vyger6 years ago
sorry about picture quality, but the scratch does not reach the label side but is under a little plastic film i guess you could call it, its a little thicker than film about 1/3 the thicness of the disc itself but i will try and find one of those kits you mentioned. and thanks for the answer