how to get an LED extremely bright?

Just wondering how I can make a regular LED to become more bright, or if I have to change the light. The battery is 3v, and it says that the LED's max is 5v.

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aeronut017 years ago
Feed the LED 5 volts through a voltage regulator (7805 for example).  There you go, max brightness.
frollard8 years ago
Check the specs of the leds you are using (or planing on using)

the more lumens (total brightness) (roughly mcd) the better, but that is only in the 'cone' of the viewing angle in degrees.  A wide angle led can have the same amount of light as a narrow beam one, but will look dimmer because its spreading the same amount of light wider.  Does your application need wide or narrow beam?

The led is designed to run between a minimum, optimal, and maximum voltage.  Do not run the led continuously at max voltage or it will have a shortened life span - rather, use more, or brighter leds to get more light.
grundisimo8 years ago
Hook it to a usb cable.
lemonie8 years ago
They'll only go so far before you "fry" them. Stick to the design-current/voltage.

Do whatever it takes to get the maximum current that the datasheet permits through the diode, but DON'T dump the series resistor.

Re-design8 years ago
Power it with 5volts then if you want max light.  You might even go to 5.5 and not burn it out but it will burn out eventually.

There super bright led's available if you need them.