how to get cap gun powder out of the cap?

i need to get cap gun powder out of an eight shot ring but it keeps exploding on me

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just cut it individualy and it will not pop back because if its all packed together some of the gunpowder explodes with the others.
Lizander8 years ago
take an exacto knife that has a long and narrow blade, then carefully pry the paper covering the powder off. .
nepheron8 years ago
Cooldude703, cap gun powder is not flash powder. It's actually Potassium Chlorate, powdered glass, and phosphorous. Good idea with the nail, though!
cooldude7038 years ago
or you can take a small screw driver and apply perssuer to the back of the cap
cooldude7038 years ago
use a finishing nail and slowly and carefully put it in the cap and put it on the side then pop out the percussion cap and knock out the powder onto a peice of paper (cap gun powder is flash powder so be careful!)