how to get dish t.v connection for free?

i want to watch t.v channels for free on my t.v. i do not have dish t.v connection.i want it free for my t.v. please help me to get it.

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JonasV51 year ago

Extremely cheap packages for cable and/or satellite TV can be found on

There are some software that can help you to watch television on PC. You can connect your computer to TV and watch inernet TV on your flat screen television.
framistan8 years ago

You could install a FREE-TO-AIR (F.T.A. ) satellite dish and get about 150 channels for FREE !  No monthly fee and not illegal.  Do a search on utube
for FTA satellite for more info.  Essentially, you will get a LOT of foreign channels (no HBO no LIFETIME, none of that).  There are about 50 satellites you could aim at, but most FTA enthusiasts  just lock in to the satellite called GALAXY 19 located at 97 degrees in satellite arc.  You will get about 8 christian channels in english. and a few of them in spanish and other languages. A Russian News channel (in english).   Lots of foreign programming, some of it subtitled in english some in chinese etc.  Also the channel called Al-jazeera is worth the effort just for that channel alone.  they show news from iranian perspective and lots of entertaining stories... not propaganda as you would believe.... and its in ENGLISH!  Here's how to tell if you can receive that satellite if you live in the CENTER of the USA. Go outside your house with a compass.  Look directly SOUTH.  Now look UP at about a 45 degree angle.
(hold your arm up pointing due south at a 45 degree angle.  You are pointing
approximately at the satellite!  If you are pointing at a bunch of TREES or any
thing else, you can NOT get this satellite.If you are pointing at clear un-obstructed SKY... you can probably receive that satellite.   If you live further east or west, then this crude aiming is not accurate for you.  The dish and box etc will cost about 200 dollars approximately.  You will have to do a lot of RESEARCH on utube etc before building your system.  You will need a 30 inch or 36 inch dish.  The smaller ones will not work.  I bought my setup at Be sure your city allows dishes 36 inches before purchasing.

110100101108 years ago
you can buy the dish and decoder yourself and set them up. the equipment is not cheap but you dont have to pay anything else like subscription etc you won't have much of the channels you'd have with subcscription dish or catv. you will have a good variety of other channels the inet is good replacement to tv in most stuff
susantasahoo007 (author)  110100101108 years ago
i mean to hack some ones cable connection. i do not want to buy any dish t.v ....... answer please.....
see if you can find a moral and legal solution to the problem : a cheap old tv antenna can recieve at least the local news channel and sometimes more connecting with permission to your neighbor allows yu to share his cable decoder output. the cons are that only he can change channels and you see whatever he selected at the moment. this still may be against the terms of service of the cable provider connecting in parallel with his input (both with / without permission) is essentially the same as connecting to the main cable. this is not ok. your neighbour does not have the right or authority to allow you that internet may replace some or all of your tv needs the cable provider may offer very cheap service if you dont use a cable box (watch analog tv only) if you buy your own dish you can allways disassemble it and sell it and the box to some1 else now comes the immoral / illegal part. please dont do any of it. dont be immoral and dont put yourself at risk stealing cable tv service is BAD and can land you in severe trouble with the LAW. it is a criminal offense with that said i won't hide it away there are 3 types of tv broadcast analog tv broadcast (VHF / UHF) - this can be connected directly to the tv antenna entry unencrypted digital broadcast - you need a generic cable box to recieve this encrypted digital broadcast - you need a capable box and the encryption key (the smart card you get with subscription service) a tv cable contains any of them (usually analog and encrypted digital / sometimes all 3) a dish can recieve the digital broadcasts but not the analog an old tv antenna can recieve part of the analog broadcasts only to connect in paralel with exiting cable you need an appropriate splitter. sometimes twisting the wires is enough (mostly with digital cable with strong signal) and sometimes a special device is required the split can be sometimes noticed by the legitimate users - loss of image quality in the analog signal etc
Plasmana8 years ago
Go dumpster living, I one time found a TV dish in the trash...