how to get free games off steam?

steam is the pc, valve(game maker) game program.

Capitaleny21 days ago

You can earn swagbucks get money for buying games!

FelixP2 months ago

I tried lots of sites and this definitely works

tsumiki13373 months ago

i use this site
you earn coins to buy steam games, or even trading cards if thats your thing, tf2 and dota 2 items aswell
okay it takes a bit of time to earn the games but its 100% legit as ive used it to claim rewards and all it takes it a bit of your time, and its legal.

pramirez138 months ago


This is one of those do surveys, watch videos, and do other tasks for points then redeem the points for games. I've tried lots of sites like this and this one is by far the best. In two days i accumulated enough points to get six different games. I got Arma II, Tropico 3, Operation Flashpoint: Red River, and a couple others for only 700 points! For example: Cities in Motion 2 is $19.99 on Steam and you can get it for only 75 points here! When you redeem points, they send you a redeem code for steam. It's all legit. :)

If you use this link when signing up I'd appreciate it because i get some bonus points if you do. Thanks!

Capitaleny1 year ago

Is a free site where you can gain points by completing offers, watching videos and my favorite playing games in your browser. They have some good games. check it out!
jayssx221 year ago
This site has lots of different ways to get free online steam games with step by step guides.
Free Video Games
> 100% Legal
> Direct Download via steam
> Fast
> Lots of main games available from blackops, to Minecraft!
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spandey72 years ago this is the only method to get free any steam games . you have to do hard work in order to get it .. but you will get it for sure.. becoz I myself have got many games .. have patience and have fun
goat3992 years ago
Fill out surveys, watch videos and earn point that you can spend on steam it really works.
ebergman12 years ago
Free Video Games
> 100% Legal
> Direct Download via steam
> Fast
> Lots of main games available from blackops, to Minecraft!
Visit :
tislam43 years ago
guys listen there is a way to get free steam games first download the deadpatch or something like google it then put it in steam's directory a launch all the games that have been added to steam will be there but you need to download them have fun
Kwitmeh34 years ago
heres a whole list of demos on steam fourms

I guess you could download the Chambers 11-19 and hack em into the Portal demo...but Im not 100% sure...
Wolf Seril5 years ago
Play demos over and over again. You could also kill someone, steal their credit card, and use it to buy all the games you want. And they can never trace it back to you.
Like Wolf said, there isn't a way. They "know" computers, and they won't be easy to cheat. Maybe you could sleep with an employee.....
RelaxedSoup5 years ago
Well, I hate to say it, but that is illegal. So I'll just give you cryptic hints... YouTube is your best friend... and beware of fakes with gmail accounts. However, here's some free Steam games that are legal, here's a link if you have an nVidia card, and one if you have an ATI card.