how to get old t-shirts whiter?

i want to wash about one dozen white t-shirts that are no longer white-white and i have tried bleach and really don' like the results, any suggestions ?

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ChrysN8 years ago
If the whites are getting off white or yellowish bluing will do the trick. You just dilute it in water and add to the rinse cycle. It can be found in the laundry detergent section of the grocery store (you might want to ask someone there because it is a small bottle and not the easiest to find). This is the one I bought:
wash it
tlc4u038 years ago
use vineger
okoshima8 years ago
vanish oxy action
Prof I.tiki8 years ago
a simple solution will do the trick try Hydrogen Peroxide or carbon dioxide try it.
The modern version of bluing is called an optical brightener. It absorbs UV light and fluoresces blue (thus offsetting any yellowish tint the cloth may have picked up).

Some blue fluorescent dyes:

You might also be able to mix fabric medium with a phosphorescent paint:
cdubnbird8 years ago
hydrogen peroxide, bleach, and sand blasting it (assuming they're made of cotton)
Putzer8 years ago
Hydrogen Peroxide