how to get rid of the paper mache texture?

i'm using paper mache on a shield and i don't want it peal off when I fight with it?help.

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It does not if it paper mache, silicone, clay or concrete - the better you make the surface when building the less work you have to fix the surface once cured ;)
Paper mache is quite easy to smooth out while still wet.
Have a bowl of water next to you and use the wet fingers to smotth the surface, for big and flat area a plastic spatula comes in handy too.

thesuperninja2 (author)  Downunder35m2 years ago

I'm doing something like this. Thanks.

rickharris2 years ago

If you have used a hard setting glue, sand the surface down to a smooth finish.

Remember the paper was a tree once so you can treat it as wood.

thesuperninja2 (author)  rickharris2 years ago

It's to soft to sand. But thanks anyway :)


CrLz2 years ago

Noticed two other techniques: one is to use paper clay and the other is to use Gesso. Check out these two videos:


Bauta Masks - Making Paper Mache Masks Smooth

Sorry the solutions are not mine, and the second video is kind of a teaser. However, paper clay is easy to make and basically is just an extension of paper mache technique. There are some really beautiful Japanese works done in this medium. Also, the gesso idea is probably some sort of gesso + paper clay (i'd guess). Gesso is a very common base paint for canvases. Making it thicker / thinner is well documented.

Hopefully just knowing these two starting places will get you a solution. Post if you find a nice solution!

thesuperninja2 (author)  CrLz2 years ago
Will do.
Kiteman2 years ago

If the shield is too soft to sand, smooth it off with a car body filler like "Bondo".