how to get screenshots of minecraft into this website!?!

ive been wanting to make some type of minecraft tutorials but theres one problem, i dont know how! please try and help me with this issue!   
you will be very happy if you can help me with this issue.

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In the game, F2 does a screenshot. (and shift + F2 makes a vast ~1Gb .tga in old versions)

The resultant images are saved in C:/users/"yourname"/appdata/roaming/.minecraft/screenshots

If /appdata/ is hidden, enter %.minecraft% into the startbar, or select the option to show hidden files in folder options.

When you start to write your instructable, you will get the option to upload files.
SoniaB13 years ago

Hi there, u can just read the following article;
it lists several simple n professional tools to screenshot games n re-edit for
game tutorial, hope it helps.

rickharris5 years ago
If you win 7 user find snipping tool and use it.
Hit the Print Screen button on your keyboard. This takes a screen shot of the screen and copies it to the clip board. Now Alt + Tab out of the game and open MS paint or other image editing software of your choice and hit Ctrl + C to copy the image. Save it as a .jpg file and you can upload the image to an instructable.
(It's Control + V to paste into the image program).