how to get sharpie out of a corinne tabletop?

i got some sharpie on my corinne tabletop and it wont come off

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Burf7 years ago
Do you mean Corian? If so, try denatured alcohol and if that doesn't do the job, acetone.  But, test whatever you use on a hidden section to make sure it won't damage the tabletop material.

This may sound counter-intuitive but I have had good luck with a dry erase (Whiteboard) marker on smooth, non-porous surfaces.  Completely cover the mark with the dry erase marker, let it completely dry and then wipe off. If there is any stain leftover, the denatured alcohol should remove that. As before, you want to test it first, just to make sure.
reedz Burf7 years ago
+1 Acetone is what we use in my lab to get Sharpie off of the back of test samples. The Dry-Erase Markers also work just as well with non-porous surfaces, I'm not exactly sure why...
cvianna17 years ago
I've used rubbing alcohol.
Try DMSO (at veterinary suppliers)
l8nite7 years ago
Ive had good results with wd-40 removing permenant marker