how to hack a sound module from a toy?


The picture shows the both sides of a circuit from a toy, it is a sound module......where is the part that produces the sound? Under that black stuff? Is it possible to hack this, to transfer other sounds to it?



Picture of how to hack a sound module from a toy?
Kiteman6 years ago
See the wires connected at "SPK1"? They go to the speaker that emits the sound.

The black blob covers the chip.

No, you probably can't transfer other sounds to it.
+1 and +1 -- this one is almost certainly not reprogrammable unless the toy itself had record-and--playback features. You can get modules which are recordable/programmable, but they cost more and no toy manufacturer is going to spend a fraction of a cent more than they must.
rickharris6 years ago

there are sound modules you can buy that will record sounds.