how to hack into a lan?

i hav a lan connection with my neighbourhood, i want to control their computer from my computer and i want to shutdown their computer if necessary......

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He he he :) :)

Nothing can be crack or hack....Even you can not send spam mails
if your firewall is strong...It is a open one can send us single of spam mail..
ExaFlop8 years ago
Easiest way is to use TeamViewer
mahsan2 ExaFlop6 years ago
What a non-sense :P
hsharma26 years ago
use cain & abel and wireshark together to track the remote user's computer and the internet connection .....
labinoty8 years ago
You need any trojan server  like  prorat, sub7....
lemonie8 years ago
Ask these people if they'll let you install software on their machines that will allow you to to control their computer from yours and shut it down if necessary. If they say "yes" ask us what software to use. L
mohanrajm88 (author)  lemonie8 years ago
thanks for your effort man!! my partner accepted for that pls instruct me what software to use
lots of links but I would go to somewhere I know a bit better, e.g. I make no claims or give any assurances - I just searched

erfonz8 years ago
If you ask a question like "How can I hack people's computers to control them." then the answer is generally not going to be something you will understand. Not to mention that there is no simple method and also that it is a situation specific question. In short, read some books.
mohanrajm88 (author)  erfonz8 years ago
ok thanks for your effort!!! will you please guide me to use which kind of books to get a sound knowledge regarding this!!!!
Hacking is not necessary to control another computer.

You and the owner of the computer just need to use remote desktop software, such as Microsoft RD, UltraVNC, or JRDesktop.
mohanrajm88 (author)  NobodyInParticular8 years ago
thanks for your effort!!!