how to hack school laptops?

the msn messenger on the school laptop dont work cause dey blocked everything in it so how can i make it work?

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JuggaloF2 years ago

can i get a copy of your explorer file

JuggaloF2 years ago

i need to get onto youtube but they have it blocked how do i do it

ArmstrongK3 years ago

Can i please get explorer for my school laptop please, pretty please :(

BernardBall3 years ago

can anyone give me a copy of explorer file for my school laptop

BernardBall3 years ago

hay cheaza can i get a copy of your explorer plz for my school laptop

cheaza4 years ago
i got 2 of the explorer and they both dont work on my school computer, what do i do?
kibby_says5 years ago
If you want to hack the laptops, you will need to obtain a program called 'explorer'. Once you activate explorer you will be allowed to run .exe files and other stuff. the explorer file is a .jar so it should be able to run smoothly on any laptop. and this explorer file is NOT INTERNET EXPLORER if you didn't know that already (2012)
i have 2 explorer files and they both dont work what do i do?
k my laptop done a disk cleanup and then an now i cant see nothin on my desltop wtf?? wat do i do ?? i try to open explorer and then wen i got to open game it still dont work ?
Ben Hopper6 years ago
Well here is another way we used in school to play games such as GTA Vice city and other things; i assume your system is running win 7?

click start > computer > C: drive (or wherever your OS is installed on) > goto the windows folder > system or system32 > catroot2 > (I'm not sure if it's {127D0A1D-4EF2-11D1-8608-00C04FC295EE} or {F750E6C3-38EE-11D1-85E5-00C04FC295EE} folder, but trust me it worked for us so it should work for you.)
what to do after that?
You could switch out the internal hard drive and install your operating system. If you wanted to change the BIOS settings use PC CMOS Cleaner to clear the password.
lolz_975 years ago
If tou could get into the BIOS you then can boot from removable disk like a portable hard drive and have admin provelages and the IT people at my school just removed the stickers for a fan error and didnt replace it so im thinking of repartitioning the drive...
2hot2hack6 years ago
If you liked it and it worked follow me plz
2hot2hack6 years ago
If your usb games dont work on school laotops. when you start up it comes up with a black screen with some options. if you go to "run in safe mode" your desk top should be black than click your games and they should work.(2011)
chilll20096 years ago
Just use a different computer. My school computer started out with only a few things blocked, but now they blocked everything. I ended up buying a laptop.
lemonie7 years ago

Well you could maybe scrub it and install your own OS?
They've probably given you that for nowt to do school-stuff, so enjoy what you can use it for eh?

The idea of locking them is so you can't use MSN on them, its against the user policy you no doubt signed to take them home or use them. break the rules, and you may lose all your rights to use them.
orksecurity7 years ago
Without knowing exactly how they blocked it, this is impossible to answer.