how to hang kitchen cabinets, w/micromave attached?

I am trying to hang 3 kitchen cabinets one w/a microwave mounted underneith and attached to the middle cabniet above to stove

orksecurity6 years ago
+1 to the french cleat suggestion. I was trying to remember the proper name for that.

Also +1 regarding getting the cabinets hung first and then installing the microwave.
aeray6 years ago
Hang the cabinets, and then install the microwave. Make sure your layout is centered on the range, and that the recep for the microwave is correctly located. French cleats do work very well, especially if you are hanging the cabs on your own, or haven't hung cabs before. It is almost foolproof.

I usually just use one 1 x 4 for a cleat, and rip it once down the center at a 45 deg. angle. One cut, one board, minimal waste, rather than two boards, two cuts, and some scrap left over. Google "french cleat" for a diagram; it will make much more sense.
One of the strongest methods is called the French Cleat. Basically you rip 2 boards at a 45 degree angle (I normally use 1x4's). Secure one section from each board (or cleat) to the wall with screws sunk into the studs. Place the cleats with the angled cut facing up and toward the wall. Use wood glue and screws to secure the other half of the cleat to the cabinets with the angle facing down and toward the cabinet. Make sure the two sets of cleats are exactly the same distance apart. You then place the cabinet against the wall and slide them down so that the angled cuts lock together. Then run a few screws through the cabinet into the cleat fastened to the wall. If you are installing a row of cabinets, this is a good method to align the row. I screw all of the cabinets to the cleats and then fasten the outside rails together with finish screws. You should pre-drill the rails to avoid splitting them. You will end up with a 3/4" void between the wall and the cabinets. This void can only be seen from the ends and can be covered with some scribe mold.
Re-design6 years ago
Screw thru the frame into the studs in the wall and ceiling joists above. Do not use glue or nails, they won't hold.