how to hook up ethernet splitter?

trying to run to dvd player

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chuybregts6 years ago
If you've run an eithernet cable to your entertainment system (or have a wireless access point) You can just pick up a Ethernet Switch.

Let's say, you currently have an ethernet cable plugged into your Xbox 360 but you to get eithernet to your DVD player as well, you would by a (at least) 4 port switch, unplug the cable going to your Xbox 360 and plug it into your switch, then run a new cable from your switch to your Xbox 360, then run a 3rd cable to your DVD Player. (I use Xbox 360 but substitute whatever device that has an ethernet connection).

That'll probably be the cheapest solution (plus, it'll leave you an extra port for down the road).
lemonie6 years ago
How do "run dvd player" and "ethernet splitter" relate to each other?

orksecurity6 years ago
BTW, IF your DVD player has a built in browser or streaming player so the question actually makes sense (some TVs do these days, so I suppose it's possible), and IF it needs a wired connection to the network rather than connecting to WiFi ... You just hook it to one of the outputs of your router. If you're out of connections on the router, what you need is an Ethernet "network switch" box, which provides the one-to-several connection you're looking for. (You can think of it as a "dumb router".)

Even dumber "Ethernet splitters" do also exist, for a few bucks less. They tend not to let data flow as quickly, when more than one connection is in use at the same time. Personally I'd pay the difference, but that's up to you.
Burf6 years ago
You will need an interface between the DVD player and the splitter. A computer will do the trick.
iceng6 years ago
Can U afford to buy one ??
orksecurity6 years ago
What does a DVD player have to do with Ethernet?