how to increase 12v, 45A battery life.

how can i increase the life spam or strength of a 12v 45A battery 

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Life span is determined by how far you discharge the battery between recharges.

Strength ? What do you mean by that ? Voltage ? Current ? Power ? Energy ?
agasco (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
By strength i mean power. am working on a wind turbine and i need how to maintain my battery to serve me well.
You can draw a HUGE amount of power from the battery, but it won't last very long if you do. A car battery can supply >>1000A if it wants to...only it will damage itself in the process. A car starting is drawing probably 300-400A...again, not for very long.
mrmerino4 years ago
Draw less current from it.
agasco (author)  mrmerino4 years ago
ok thanks