how to increase rpm of 3v dc motor for making airplane?

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Re-design7 years ago
If you want the plane to go faster find the max. rpm point of the motor. Then vary the pitch of the prop. A steeper pitch will go faster if the motor can pull it. A shallower prop will give more power to climb but top speed may be too low. There are charts with guidelines available on electric r/c sites that will help you figure out the best prop size and pitch.
SGatz9 months ago

Would a DC boost converter work???

dchowdhury5 years ago
Buy an out runner brushless motor to make an airplane.. mor you can find brushless motor in your DVD/rw it's also light and powerfull
Up the voltage, and as orksecurity said you run the risk of burning it out, or buy a new one from somewhere. I've seen motors at radioshack that run 20,000 RPM's at 1.5v.
lemonie7 years ago

You probably need more power. while you could up the voltage, another motor would be better (as other comments)

rickharris7 years ago
I would buy a motor intended for this purpose. Usually a brushless motor running at 7 volts or so.
orksecurity7 years ago
Give it more voltage (which may risk burning it out), or use a gear train or belt-and-pulley system as a transmission (but what you gain in speed you will lose in torque, so this may not be a net improvement).

Or get a different motor.