how to increase stamina for a 38 years old man?

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Marsh8 years ago
I have 10 years on you, but I've been working on this for the last three months. I've lost 18 pounds and have been able to almost completely wean myself from Asthma meds. It appears my issue was FAT!
Are you overweight? If so, start there. Log all your food and count calories. Get some exercise. If you don't have the will power to do it on your own, get some help. Overeaters Anonymous if necessary.
What did it for me was to commit to some goals. I'm going to Moab on a week long mountain biking adventure in May and climbing My Whithney next summer. The only way any of that is going to happen is if I lose another 30 pounds and build stronger muscles.
See what I've done and follow my progress at...
Perhaps it will inspire you.
framistan8 years ago
Accept the fact that you cant move like when you were 20.  Then get up off the chair and DO something.  When you get tired... take a little rest. then get up again and continue.  I always tell myself.... do a little, rest a little.  Pretty soon you will find yourself resting less and doing more.  Not like when you were 20, but much better than when you sat around all the time.  Dont overdo it.  I had a friend who was about your age.  He went bike racing with his friends.  I suggested maybe he was too old for bike RACING... but he said they do this all the time.  He had heart failure and died that weekend.  I have found walking with my wife in a park or around a track is best.  PS i am almost 55...
orksecurity8 years ago
As others have said: Exercise. There's no shortcut.
blkhawk8 years ago
You should try cross training, that means combining weight lifting with aerobic exercise. But before you attempt to start any exercise check with your doctor first to rule out any health problems. I hope this help!
Also watch for any signs of depression, we men of a certain age experience what is called "mid life crisis"
seandogue8 years ago
Oy vey..if only I hat the staminas uff a toity ate yeh olt!

Sorry bud, can't hep ya...I'd say drink more coffee, eat right, get plenty of sleep, but aside from the coffee, I did neither of the other two..had plenty of stamina back then though. Now as to 50...well...that's a different story..then again with one meal a day I guess I'm holding my own. Tank Got forw Koffee.
Does anyone else think it's kinda odd that the right side menu of related answers has for the first entry "Find your bra size"?
Or the "Mighty-Tiny Tool" kit?
Yup..I don't think I've ever seen a more non-sequitur rightbar.
"Holding my own"! sounds a bit rude? I wonder whether the question is pertaining to that area?

Lol...imoho, better than holding someone else's!

Um...ok...holding my own arm then...2 year old neck injury is making my left arm pretty useless for the last month. One thing goes, then it gets better and something else shuts down for a while. Ain't life grand? (Anyone else hear that tiny violin in the background?)
Swimming is low impact, works out most of your major muscles and is perfect for stamina. The trick is to swim constantly, while changing speed. For example, swim 1 length slowly, 1 length quickly, 1 length slowly. Take a minute break. Repeat. As you get fitter, increase the overall number of lengths, or swim 2 lengths quickly, 2 slowy.
Re-design8 years ago
Best advice I can give you is to stay active to keep the stamina you got. 

And try thinking about baseball, that might help.